REF . BKS0027


Mandated by one of our clients, an international company , we are seeking for an PROJECT SECURITY RISK ANALYST The position can be located either in MADRID


  • Identify and analyze product/project risks, recommend appropriate mitigation options and document
    all components in clear, business-intelligible language
  • Serve as an expert advisor in the Security in projects team of GO in the implementation and
    maintenance of security
  • Collaborate with and support the Group Security Practice and other stakeholders as necessary to ensure that security within GO is relevant, cost-effective and is delivered in accordance with the Group Security Strategy and Security by Design best practices
  • Support the implementation of continuous improvement processes and activities (e.g. good practices, reporting, problem resolution) to ensure quality and relevance of security services
  • Support the implementation of security strategy, policies, shared security services and action plans based on the Group Security Strategy
  • Contribute to the maintenance in understanding of emerging technology, risks and industry trends. Assess the impact on the business environment and recommend appropriate mitigation actions or the prioritization of projects and investments
  • Escalate the need to redirect any critical risk not properly addressed during the project lifecycle or suggest changes to the approach to mitigate critical risks and ensure legal, regulatory or commercial compliance
  • Promote a culture of security and raise awareness
  • Contribute to the continuous development and maintenance of an assurance framework to enforce consistency and effectiveness in the security by design approach
  • Support the reporting process of information security, operational resilience and Physical Security & Safety for different levels of customers (top management, middle management and team)
  • Provide Quality Assurance work on local security implementation
  • Support the implementation of a coordinated responses to security audit and compliance issues


  • Experience in cyber risk threat analysis, security, Cloud Architecture and projects, IT audit or
    related area > 7 years
  • Previous experience in managing projects preferred in an international context
  • Previous experience as interim or acting Security in projects manager, Information Security Officer, Physical Security Officer, Operational Resilience Officer, or extensive experience in reporting to a CSO, CISO, CORO, PSO or other 2nd line cybersecurity expert in an international organization.
  • Ability to develop networking to seek collective achievements while supporting the projects
  • Communication skills: Effectively communicates ( oral and written) the security by design framework & the benefits in achieving the same
  • Ability to apply analytical rigour to understand complex business et IT scenarios
  • Capacity to interact with different level of stakeholders from business to technical
  • Results oriented, project and budget management
  • Good sense of organisation
  • Flexibility on working hours


  • English: FLUENT

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